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Special Education

Plano ISD provides special education services for students with disabilities, ages 3-21, who have a need for specially designed instruction. Identification of children with disabilities begins at birth. Plano ISD is actively involved with “child find” efforts to ensure that children with learning challenges have access to evaluations and services, when appropriate. Parents who have concerns about their child’s development or academic performance may call the Child Find 'Lift Off to Learning' Help Line at (469) 752-8100, Ext. 38050, for more information.

Helpful Links to More Information:
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Services for children who have auditory or visual impairments may begin at birth. Services for students with other disabilities are initiated on their third birthday. A student must meet eligibility criteria in one of the following areas: auditory impairment, autism, emotional disturbance, learning disability, mental retardation, orthopedic impairment, other health impairment, speech/language impairment, traumatic brain injury or visual impairment.

Plano ISD believes in educating students in the least restrictive environment. A full continuum of instructional and related services is available to eligible students, with initial consideration given to provision of services in the general education classroom to the greatest extent possible. Students spend various amounts of time in general education and special education settings, depending upon their specific needs. Planning for a student’s special education program begins on the neighborhood campus. Support services are available on the neighborhood campus as well as district-wide instructional / related services.

Parents are vital members of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Committee, which develops an appropriate program of services for each student. For additional information, visit the Department of Special Education Services online or call (469) 752-8241.