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As a learning organization, Plano ISD offers extensive professional development programs for its faculty and staff. Plano ISD Policy DMA (Local) requires that all teachers and employees on pay grades 800 and above complete a minimum of 30 clock hours (four days) of professional development during the professional development calendar year and are compensated by the district for training as part of their annual contract.

Regularly scheduled in-service, before or after school training sessions, summer sessions, early release opportunities, book studies, pull-out training with curriculum departments, and online trainings are common methods for formal and/or group learning.  Staff at and across campuses, grade levels, and subject areasreinforce these efforts by coming together as communities of practice to apply their learning to improve student achievement, enhance instruction, and/or explore employment-related issues.

For more information, contact the Professional Learning Department at (469) 752-8197.