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Plano ISD Staff Newsletter Volume 44, Special EditionSeptember 29, 2016

Dr. H. Wayne Hendrick in Plano ISD Board Room


Plano ISD Saddened by Loss of Longtime Superintendent
Dr. H. Wayne Hendrick | June 9, 1924 - September 28, 2016

The Plano ISD school community is deeply saddened by the passing of longtime Superintendent of Schools Dr. H. Wayne Hendrick on Wednesday, September 28. Dr. Hendrick served as superintendent for thirty years — 1961 through 1991 — leading Plano ISD through phenomenal population growth and change.

Dr. Hendrick was born June 9, 1924, in Lovejoy, a small community north of Plano, Texas into a large family, seven brothers and sisters, on a small cotton farm. Following military service during World War II, he began preparation for his educational career. He graduated from the University of North Texas (then North Texas State University) in Denton, Texas in 1949 with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics. In 1950, he earned a Master of Science degree with a mathematics major from UNT, and in 1968, he received a Doctorate of Education with a major in educational administration from UNT. He and his wife Elizabeth, a teacher in Richardson ISD at that time, and son Steve Hendrick and family provided support during Dr. Hendrick's distinguished career.

Plano was a sleepy farming community thirty minutes north of Dallas with a population of approximately 3,600 and a school enrollment of 1,175 when Dr. Hendrick began his career. There were three schools in the district. When Dr. Hendrick retired in 1991, the population of Plano had grown to more than 129,000; the school district enrollment had increased to 32,000; and there were thirty-eight schools in the district. Today, Plano ISD has 72 schools and almost 55,000 students. The H. Wayne Hendrick Middle School was dedicated in his honor on November 22, 1987.

3 vintage photos of Dr. Hendrick. #1 on football field, #2 portrait of Dr. Hendrick #3 Dr. Hendrick and young boy

During his tenure, Dr. Hendrick conceived and developed the team teaching concept and the senior high school system. He forged strong relationships with City of Plano officials out of which was born a joint community use of school facilities and purchase of land for schools and adjacent parks. He earned many honors throughout the years, including the Plano Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Award and the Plano Rotary’s Paul Harris Fellow Award. He was also selected among the top five administrators in the State of Texas during his time as superintendent.

“Dr. Hendrick has been so important in my life. He was such a great role model. He influenced me as an educator and even more so he influenced my personal life. This can be said by so many people,” said Tom Kimbrough, former head football coach 1976-1991. “His leadership was outstanding through many trials that Plano ISD faced over so many years. What an honor to have been around a person with such integrity, wisdom and love for those around him. He was a great supporter of our athletic teams over the years, for which I’m so grateful. He was a very, very special person to me. I’ll miss him.”

After retirement, Dr. Hendrick dedicated his time to the selection and mentoring of Hendrick Scholarship recipients presented by a foundation named in his honor in 1991. People were drawn to his positive attitude, spirit of teamwork and tireless devotion to the development of the district “for the boys and girls of Plano” whom he inspired. Plano ISD continues to honor his legacy and vision. Dr. Hendrick always believed "Let's be the best we can be!"

Plano ISD, students, staff and families still benefit today from his leadership. “The time I spent with Dr. Hendrick was both valuable and informative. He spoke with great love for Plano ISD and its community. I am so pleased to have known him as a fellow superintendent and as a highly respected member of our district family,” said Dr. Brian Binggeli, Plano ISD Superintendent of Schools. “I wish to express my sympathy to his family for their loss and gratitude for Dr. Hendrick’s service to Plano ISD.”

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