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Plano ISD Staff Newsletter Volume 44, Special EditionFebruary 16, 2017

20 Years of Service in Plano ISD

Michelle Abrams - Haun Elementary
Marie Abukar - Wells Elementary
Israr Ahmed - Transportation Services
Abigail Anderson - Aldridge Elementary
Angela Asel - Mendenhall Elementary
Susan Barshop - Rice Middle School
Joshua Baumann - Transportation Services
Ben Benavides - Weatherford Elementary
Sheryl Berry - Technology Operations
Theresa Biggs - Secondary Academic Services
Debbie Boerner - Shepton High School
Tim Bolinger - Guinn Special Programs
Rebecca Bottin - Rice Middle School
Jeffrey Brooks - Plano Senior High
Joel Brzezinski - Plano Senior High
Robyn Burkhead - Jackson Elementary
Stephanie Calhoun - Wyatt Elementary
Rose Castillo - Carpenter Middle School
Adrienne Cates - Hendrick Middle School
Denise Chan - Isaacs Early Childhood
Sarah Clopton - Thomas Elementary
Kathleen Cobourn - Bird Education Center
Blanca Colato - Sigler Elementary
Matthew Cone - Plano Senior High
Tina Cone - Plano ISD Academy High School
Leah Cramer - Jasper High School
Linda Czechowski - Hughston Elementary
Autry Daniel - Human Resources
Jacqueline Daniel - Guinn Special Programs
Linda Davis - Financial Services
John Diaz - Transportation Services
Robert Dissinger - Robinson Middle School
Kimberly Donahue - Thomas Elementary
Louann Dunkle - Haun Elementary
Sharon Eaheart - Mendenhall Elementary
Paula Edwards - Hickey Elementary
Becky Elizondo - Plano West Senior High
Jill Engelking - Murphy Middle School
Jon Engelking - Mathews Elementary & Plano East
Sue Gagnon - Weatherford Elementary
Joelle Garcia - Beverly Elementary
Catherine Gordon - Hightower Elementary
Amanda Gorski - Hunt Elementary
Eryn Gradig - Special Education
Rebecca Grant - Haggard Middle School
Courtney Hamilton - Haggar Elementary
Tonelli Hatley - Vines High School
Thomas Henderson - Bird Education Center
Gloria Hernandez - Food & Nutritional Services / Weatherford Elementary
Mary Jeanne Higbee - Boggess Elementary
Victoria Neal Hines - Hendrick Middle School
Janet Hirunrusme - Wells Elementary
Irene Hislop - Schimelpfenig Middle School
Caron Hogan - Regional Day School for the Deaf
Doug Hunt - Distribution Services
Senida Idrizovic - Rasor Elementary
Brenda Ingram - Jackson Elementary
Cheryl Izbicki - Pearson Early Childhood
Rosalinda Jackson - Bowman Middle School
Elisa Jasper - Beaty Early Childhood
Anne Jensen - Haggar Elementary
Cookie Johnson - Transportation Services
Joan Johnston - Clark High School
Debra Kauffman - Isaacs Early Childhood
Shayla Kimpton - Forman Elementary
Nancy Lewis - Plano West Senior High
Kim Loftus - Guidance & Family Education Services
Maru Lopez - Memorial Elementary
Kim Luczycki - Beverly Elementary
Jolane Martin - Rasor Elementary
Elva Martinez - Food & Nutritional Services / Thomas Elementary
Lisa Moore McKeever - Guinn Special Programs
Sherry McLaughlin - Plano West Senior High
Julie Meek - Plano East Senior High
Amy Moore - Andrews Elementary
Jean Morrison - Centennial Elementary
Laura Mullen - Murphy Middle School
Wendy Mullins - Bethany Elementary
Dayna Nehls - Forman Elementary
Kathy Nichols - Financial Services
Angie Novak - Shepton High School
Jane Oestreich - Hickey Elementary
Rebecca Oliveri - Saigling Elementary
Stacey Omahony - Wilson Middle School
Diana Ostrovich - Itinerant Special Education
Premila Patel - Food & Nutritional Services / Haggard Middle School
Sudha Patel - Food & Nutritional Services / Andrews Elementary
Lin-Lih Peng - Food & Nutritional Services / Jasper High School
Kristen Perry - Beverly Elementary & Plano West
Vicki Pickett - Haggard Middle School
Cheryl Pitts - Aldridge Elementary
Ben Porter - Beverly Elementary
Cheryl Potts - Clark High School & Plano Senior
Candi Rains - Haun Elementary
Kim Ramirez - Wyatt Elementary
Mark Reddoch - Frankford Middle School
Stephanie Roberts - Saigling Elementary
Marion Robinson - Mathews Elementary
Manuel Rodriguez - Facility Services
Maria Rodriguez - Food & Nutritional Services / Mendenhall Elementary
Delia Rosa - Barron Elementary
Diana Ruiz - Hickey Elementary
Adrien Brooke Rushing - Barksdale Elementary
Lennie Scales - Financial Services
Stacey Scott - Beverly Elementary
Susan Shoffstall - Clark High School
Kathy Simons - Renner Middle School
Kristi Sims - Haggar Elementary
Jo Skelton - Regional Day School for the Deaf
Mary Lynn Skinner - Learning Media Services
Aubrey Smith - Facility Services
Mimi Smith - Special Education
Joseph Snider - Plano Senior High
Nancy Sowards - Aldridge Elementary
Julie Stanley - Aldridge Elementary
Mike Stanton - Jasper High School
Claudia Stevenson - Bird Education Center
Sheila Swearingen - Hightower Elementary
Deanna Tatum - Special Education
Lisa Thibodeaux - Secondary Academic Services
Gregory L. Thomas - Plano East / Family & Social Services
Jane Trlica - Itinerant Special Education
Jill Verges - Saigling Elementary
Donna Voelk - Plano Senior High
Sherri Walker - Wells Elementary
Shannon Wallace - Hedgcoxe Elementary
Carrie Weaver - Haggard Middle School
Michelle Welch - Schell Elementary
Robyn White - Safety & Security Services
Danna Williams - Schimelpfenig Middle School
Katherine Williams - Wyatt Elementary
Natalie Williams - Boggess Elementary
Debi Wooten - Hickey Elementary
Jessica Young - Itinerant Special Education
Clifford Yount - Facility Services


  • Regarding Eligibility - Employees with questions about their eligibility/years of service in Plano ISD as reflected in the published lists are asked to contact the human resources department via e-mail at: by Friday, March 10.
  • Regarding Name Spelling - Employees with questions about their name spelling for publicity and event printed program and script are asked to contact Gwendoly Guthrie in the communications office via e-mail at by Friday, March 10.


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