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Plano ISD Staff Newsletter Volume 44, Special EditionFebruary 16, 2017

15 Years of Service in Plano ISD



Heba Abdelghani - Robinson Middle School
Clara Alaniz - Instructional Technology
Dean A. Albertson II- Plano West Senior High
Michele Allen - Hickey Elementary
Lorena Almazan - Multilingual Services
Rita Attuquayefio - Otto Middle School
Andrea Ayala - Saigling Elementary
Margaret Baker - Mendenhall Elementary
Gail Ball - Human Resources
Nancy Bassett - Hughston Elementary
Donald Bassham - Schimelpfenig Middle
Jeanne Beall - Schell Elementary
Linda Beavers - Forman Elementary
Amy Behmer - Mitchell Elementary
Rodney Belcher - Plano Senior & Shepard Elementary
William Bellows - Telecommunications
Gail Blessing - Dooley Elementary
Rachel Bobbitt - Harrington Elementary
Jennifer Bonfessuto - Andrews Elementary
Daniel Borowiak - Transportation Services
Traci Borsattino - Vines High School
John Brennan - Plano East Senior High
Sheryl Bridges - Robinson Middle School
Jackie Brown - Food & Nutritional Services / Aldridge Elementary
Jackie Brownlee - Brinker Elementary
Ryan Buehrer - Plano East Senior High
Margarita Buenrostro - Christie Elementary
Christi Burkle - Saigling Elementary
Shealine Burks - Schimelpfenig Middle School
Anabel Bustamante - Food & Nutritional Services / Plano East Senior High
Ann Campbell - Haun Elementary
Kristen Carpenter - Mitchell Elementary
Maggie Carpenter - Transportation Services
Deanne Cartwright - Carlisle Elementary
Maria Castaneda - Jackson Elementary
Jane Cina - Isaacs Early Childhood
Matthew Clark - Barron Elementary
Jennifer Clutter - Beaty Early Childhood
John Conner - Plano East Senior High
Lois Conwell - Plano East Senior High
Jeremy Cooper - Stinson Elementary
Debbie Cox - Records Management
Shelley Crowder - Itinerant Special Education
Charles Culpepper - Transportation Services
Phyllis Daigneault - Beaty Early Childhood
Patrick Davis - Frankford Middle School
Lisa Delacruz - Williams High School
Debbie Dempsky - Jasper, Shepton & Vines High Schools
Ana Dominguez - Frankford Middle School
Jimmy Dowell - Mitchell Elementary & Plano West
Ginger Drennan - Harrington Elementary
Elizabeth Driver - Memorial Elementary
Ana Dubin - Williams High School
Gregg Dupree - Haggard Middle School
Lori Evans - Armstrong Middle School
Kathleen Farquhar - Otto Middle School
Gloriane Fernandez - Communications
Brick Field - Shepton High School
Kara Fields - Christie Elementary
Susan Frankovich - Hughston Elementary
Kelly Froemming - Wells Elementary
Michelle Furr - Plano East Senior High
Ryan Gafford - Itinerant Special Education
Melinda Gebby - Wilson Middle School
Linda Godboldo - Bird Education Center
Barb Gomon - Daffron Elementary
Karen Gournay - Carlisle Elementary
Sherilyn Grable - Wilson Middle School
Ashley Green - Hendrick Middle School
Penelope Grego - Shepard Elementary
Gerald Griswold - Transportation Services
Lori Groves - Wells Elementary
Laura Grundler - Fine Arts & Special Academic Programs
Prabha Gupta - Schell Elementary
Jana Hall - Jasper High School
Jana Hancock - Guidance & Family Education Services
Debra Hayward - Communications
Amanda Hellmann - Plano West Senior High
Elena Helms - Beaty Early Childhood
Mary Herrera - Otto Middle School
Jennifer Hersh - Beverly Elementary
Amy Hightower - Mitchell Elementary
Jennifer Hillier - Jackson Elementary
Ashley Hipp - Food & Nutritional Services / Administration Center
Kay Holloway - Beverly Elementary
Christian Hootsell - Haun Elementary
Suzanne Hootsell - Haun Elementary
Cathy Hostick - Carpenter Middle School
Susie Hott - Plano Senior High
Beth Hubbard - Haggar Elementary
Janice Hunter - Food & Nutritional Services / Stinson Elementary
Becky Jackson - Williams High School
Kim Jackson - Isaacs Early Childhood
Vicki Jaco - Hightower Elementary
Tammy Jaggi - Thomas Elementary
Alicia James - McCall Elementary
Carol James - Transportation Services
Christy James - Hunt Elementary
Lilly Jensby - Christie Elementary
Debra Johnson - Plano East Senior High
Jean Jones - Hickey Elementary
Cindy Kellogg - Beaty Early Childhood
Paula Kleeburg - Bethany Elementary
Lisa Koehler - Thomas Elementary
Dawn Korpal - Bowman Middle School
Vicki Kutscherousky - Robinson Middle School
Therese La Moure - Mitchell Elementary
Cliff Lazarine - Sigler Elementary & Plano Senior
Denise Lee - Vines High School


Karen Lee - Huffman Elementary
Kellie Leeh - Thomas Elementary
Peggy Lohr - Davis Elementary
Anne Lombard - Weatherford Elementary
Susan Long - Isaacs Early Childhood
Linda Lorber - Food & Nutritional Services / Haun Elementary
Diana Love - Food & Nutritional Services / Shepard Elementary
Steve Lowrey - Plano West Senior High
James Lynch - Clark High School
Laurie Maddux - Boggess Elementary
Melissa Marshall - Mathews Elementary
Jana Martin - Shepard Elementary
Aron Mattes - Frankford Middle School
Nick Maxwell - Haggard Middle School
Patti McAlpin - Rasor Elementary
Monica McCaffrey - McCall Elementary
Jennifer McConaughy - Plano East Senior High
Jennifer McConnell - Andrews Elementary
Dena McCutcheon - Murphy Middle School
Barbara McDaniel - Food & Nutritional Services / Skaggs Elementary
Yvonne McDonald - Guinn Special Programs
Debra McElyea - Fine Arts & Special Academic Programs
Linda McGuill - Christie Elementary
Diana McMillan - Weatherford Elementary
Courtney Millholland - Christie Elementary
Silvat Mir - Mathews Elementary
Kevin Moore - Shepton High School
Pam Moreland - Student Records
Carolina Moreno - Forman Elementary
Javier Moreno - Transportation Services
Karen Morris - Andrews Elementary
Lisa Morse - Jasper High School
Otis Morse - Transportation Services
Mary Murray - Transportation Services
Tracye Neill - Pearson Early Childhood
Robin Ollison - Hightower Elementary
Jennifer Ortega - Thomas Elementary
Cynthia Overturf - Mendenhall Elementary
Alika Patel - Food & Nutritional Services / Rice Middle School
Karla Persels - Regional Day School for the Deaf
Maria Laura Pinon - Food & Nutritional Services / Daffron Elementary
Michelle Pisciotta - Itinerant Special Education
Dinah Porchia - Itinerant Special Education & Weatherford Elementary
Connie Prince - Hedgcoxe Elementary
Sarah Quintanilla - Regional Day School for the Deaf
Jennifer Ramby - Secondary Academic Services
LaGwenna Redwine - Wells Elementary
Ellyn Reese-Fautsch - Meadows Elementary
Michelle Reid - Mendenhall Elementary
John Richards - Sigler Elementary
Patti Richards - Pearson Early Childhood
Heidi Rieff - Williams High School
Nitza Rivera - Elementary Academic Services
Russ Robinson - Rice Middle School
Michele Rollins - Hickey Elementary
Celene Rosen - Barksdale Elementary
Kendra Russell - Stinson Elementary
Selenda Sager - Wilson Middle School
Clarice Sayles - Jackson Elementary
Susan Schackman - Shepton High School
Nina Serra - Weatherford Elementary
Carla Shahan - Weatherford Elementary
Monica Sharapata - Technology Services
Gerry Shows - Beaty Early Childhood
Riffat Siddiqui - Food & Nutritional Services / Rasor Elementary
Tracy Sievers - Brinker Elementary
Leola Simental - Sigler Elementary
Amy Smith - Isaacs Early Childhood
Emmett Smith - Safety & Security Services
Mary Smith - Daffron Elementary
Sharon Sowry - Hightower Elementary
Shannon Sparks - Mendenhall Elementary
James Spence - Transportation Services
Pamela Spraetz - Gulledge Elementary
Pamela St. Romain - Transportation Services
Daisy Standberry - Transportation Services
Matthew Stout - Hedgcoxe Elementary
Diane Swanson - Carpenter Middle School
Monica Swanson - Rice Middle School
Ammon Talbot - Otto Middle School
Cindy Tang - Jasper High School
Laurie Taylor - Elementary Academic Services
Angie Teoh - Food & Nutritional Services / Frankford Middle School
Sara Terry - Transportation Services
Kevin Thomas - Distribution Center
Joshua Thompson - Shepton High School
Kristine Tickner - Plano East Senior High
Andrea Tompkins - Aldridge Elementary
Cindy Tran - Mitchell Elementary
Thao Truong - Schell Elementary
William Truscott - Facility Services
Shali Tsai - Schell Elementary
Deborah Tubbs - Regional Day School for the Deaf
Bonnie Turnbo - Plano Senior High
David Van Derven - Plano West Senior High
Linda Vasquez - Harrington Elementary
Tina Venegas - Secondary Academic Services
Paulina Vial - Weatherford Elementary
Hector Villanueva - Bird Education Center
Sandi Welsh - Clark High School
Sharon Williams - Wilson Middle School
Dinita Willmann - Bird & Guinn Special Programs Centers
Lisa Wisdom -Transportation Services
Jeanie Wong - Food & Nutritional Services / Saigling Elementary
Sabella Wossen -Frankford Middle School
Swarna Yallapragada -Forman Elementary
Alyson Zembower -Skaggs Elementary
Beverly Zetsche - Vines High School


  • Regarding Eligibility - Employees with questions about their eligibility/years of service in Plano ISD as reflected in the published lists are asked to contact the human resources department via e-mail at: by Friday, March 10.
  • Regarding Name Spelling - Employees with questions about their name spelling for publicity and event printed program and script are asked to contact Gwendolyn Guthrie in the communications office via e-mail at by Friday, March 10.


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