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Plano ISD Employee Crisis Fund

The Employee Crisis Fund was developed in 1990 to provide a source of financial assistance to Plano ISD employees who are facing an emergency situation and are unable to handle immediate short-term financial obligation(s) in which the applicant has fallen behind as a result of the crisis. The Crisis Fund is funded by the Plano ISD Education Foundation. Over the past several years, the Crisis Fund has grown in order to meet the needs of more PISD employees with employee contributions solicited annually by the Plano ISD Education Foundation.


To provide a source of financial assistance to Plano ISD employees who are facing an emergency situation and are unable to handle immediate short-term financial obligations associated with the crisis.

Process of Review

The committee strives to provide a timely response to each crisis.  However, applicants are reminded that the decision-making process will be thoughtful and that each application will be carefully reviewed before the committee arrives at a decision.

The fund is provided for full-time employees who are in need of short-term emergency assistance.  Requests for the Crisis Fund will be submitted through the Plano ISD Benefits and Risk Management department.  Applications will be reviewed by the Crisis Fund committee.  The committee will consist of Plano ISD employees, and may include a representative from the Plano ISD Education Foundation. In addition, the Director for Benefits and Risk Management or designee will chair the meetings as a non-voting member, and will serve as the advisor providing information regarding each applicant.

The committee considers requests that are made throughout the year.  The applicant will be notified of the approval or denial of the request according to the review and decision of the committee.  The committee strives to respond as quickly as possible to each request, especially those that are emergency situations. Decisions regarding funding may be made via phone, e-mail, and/or at committee meetings.  The decision of the committee is final and may not be appealed.

The committee will determine the amount of the funding on a case by case basis. Requested funding is not guaranteed. In addition, a decision may be made to partially, but not fully, grant the request. Decisions are made based on the information provided on each request, as well as the Fund's financial status at the time of the request. All requests will be handled confidentially. An applicant may not be funded more than once every three years. Generally, the maximum amount of funding is $2,000.  Typically, funds are distributed directly to creditors and are not issued as cash to the employee.

Information Regarding a Crisis

The Crisis Fund is available for an unforeseen event that occurs and creates a short-term financial hardship which has caused an employee to fall behind with financial obligations.  For example:

  • Mortgage or rent payment
  • Utilities such as water, gas, and/or electric
  • Medical
  • Or other as requested and deemed appropriate by the committee

Application to Crisis Fund

Complete the Plano ISD Employee Crisis Fund Application Form (Microsoft Word, 57 KB)

  • Incomplete applications and applications that are not notarized will not be processed and will be returned to the employee.
  • Supporting documentation may be required.
  • Submit application to or applications can be mailed to:

    Cox Building
    Attention: Benefits and Risk Management Department
    1517 Avenue H
    Plano, TX 75074

For questions contact: or call 469-752-5390