The World Awaits
may 13, 2016
Elementary Teacher of the Year
Erika Manning
Weatherford Elementary School
Instructional Specialist
Secondary Teacher of the Year
Bryan Yee
Plano Senior High School
Mathematics Teacher
Congratulations, Teachers of the Year!

Plano ISD 2016 Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year, Erika Manning, Weatherford Elementary School instructional specialist, and Bryan Yee, Plano Senior High School mathematics teacher, respectively, were announced by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian T. Binggeli at Plano ISD's Teacher of the Year Gala held the evening of May 12 at Plano Centre. "The World Awaits: Make Your Mark" was the theme for the gala, which was attended by approximately 1,100 educators, school and district administrators, PTA leaders, sponsors and other community members. In addition to Erika and Bryan, eight educators were named "Excellence in Teaching Award" winners. To read each teacher's educational philosophy and principal recommendation, select their names or photos.



Ayanna Black
Thomas E.S.
Cassie Doss
Christie E.S.
Paula Kleeburg
Bethany E.S.
Seema Shah
Memorial E.S.
Natalie Bauerkemper
Clark H.S.
Vanessa Chavez
Otto M.S.
David Meger
Schimelpfenig M.S.
Ashley Ogal
Carpenter M.S.
Teacher of the Year Nominees
Congratulations to all Teacher of the Year nominees!
Early Childhood Programs
Sydney Gantzer - Beaty Early
Claudia Yanez - Head Start
Maria Hermosillo - Isaacs
Veronica Mueller - Pearson

Elementary Schools
Ashere Potter - Aldridge
Amy Moore - Andrews
Elyse Rimmer - Barksdale
Jacqueline Rivera - Barron
Paula Kleeburg - Bethany
Laura Schnitzer - Beverly
Katie Tigh - Bird Center
Grace Chen - Boggess
Joni Gigliotti - Brinker
Kimberly Thomas - Carlisle
Paige Nalley - Centennial
Cassie Doss - Christie
Skylar Plunkett - Daffron
Shelly Dutton - Davis
Andrea Burke - Dooley
Geannina Trujillo - Forman
Anna DiNucci - Gulledge
Paula Goacher - Haggar
Krista Benson - Harrington
Molly Davis - Haun
Tambra Reynolds - Hedgcoxe
Monica Maldonado - Hickey
Michelle Hu - Hightower
Shawn Greenberg - Huffman
Katy Brandeland - Hughston
Carole Greer - Hunt
Elise Adams - Jackson
Deanna Lowenthal - Mathews
Jennifer Trent - McCall
Joey Cobb - Meadows
Seema Shah - Memorial
Mary "Molly" Pond - Mendenhall
Lydia Formby - Miller
Katy Matthews - Mitchell

Diana Moore - Rasor
Geralyn Hendrick - Saigling
Graham Branson - Schell
Staci Mendelsohn - Shepard
Patricia Mancilla - Sigler
Kyla Ahnemann - Skaggs
Heather Stevens - Stinson
Ayanna Black - Thomas
Erika Manning - Weatherford
Jennifer Brown - Wells
Tanya Belmares - Wyatt

Middle Schools
Tara Cunningham - Armstrong
Vickie Harper - Bowman
Ashley Ogal - Carpenter
Emily Garner - Frankford
Lori Brooks - Haggard
Karen Ridge - Hendrick
Travis Ragsdale - Murphy
Vanessa Chavez - Otto
Kelly Brown - Renner
Jennifer Thome - Rice
Kayla Gassiott - Robinson
David Meger - Schimelpfenig
Chris Wolff - Wilson

High Schools
Jacie Moore - Academy
Natalie Bauerkemper - Clark
Vernon "Jackie" Digby - Jasper
Lori Lysobey - McMillen
Tiffany Fields - Shepton
Meredith Smith - Vines
Matt Zellner - Williams

Senior High Schools
Abby Cole - Plano East
Bryan Yee - Plano
Rhonda Smith - Plano West

Other News
School Board Sets May 17 Public Hearing Regarding 'District of Innovation' Designation
At their May 3 meeting, the Plano ISD Board of Trustees adopted a resolution PDF to begin the process of declaring their eligibility to become a district of innovation. In compliance with eligibility guidelines, the board is hosting a public hearing to consider whether the district should develop an innovation plan. The public hearing will be held during the May 17 school board meeting (agenda). The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. at the Plano ISD Administration Building, 2700 West 15th Street in Plano. READ
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Erika's Acceptance Remarks
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Bryan's Acceptance Remarks
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"Take Flight" Dance Featuring Vines HS and PSHS Drill Team Members
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"Ice, Ice Breaker: Welcome Aboard Flight TOTY" - 2015 Teachers of the Year Lilli Wisler & Jennifer Denton
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"Celebrating a Year of Adventure" - 2015 Teacher of the Year Tribute
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