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2003 Bond Program

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Plano ISD voters approved a $33.55 million bond proposal on August 23, 2003. The District’s financial advisors felt this was an excellent time to finance bonds in the market place. The total package will be paid back under three amortization schedules. Funds for technology will be paid back over a five-year period and those for facility construction over a 20-year period. Funding for the school buses will be paid back over a ten-year period, although the life expectancy of a PISD bus is 15 years.

Election Results

Early Voting

For: 2,114

Against: 812

Election Day Voting

For: 1,529

Against: 637

Total Votes

For: 3,643

Against: 1,499

Bond Proposals

New Construction

Two New Elementary Schools - $21,000,000

Plano ISD continues to experience enrollment growth of over 1,500 students per year. This growth is especially evident in the eastern part of the District. Due to enrollment growth in the eastern part of the District, two new elementary schools are needed by 2005-06. Currently, Barron Elementary School houses grades K-1 students and Hickey Elementary School houses grades 2-5 students.

Due to the growth of the required Early Childhood Program, Barron Elementary School cannot accommodate the K-1 students. The projected enrollment growth in 2005 for this zone (Barron/Hickey K-5) is 1,079 students. This is 409 students above the capacity of Hickey Elementary School and 517 students above the capacity for the following year. Eight temporary classrooms will be used at Hickey Elementary School in 2004-05.

The Miller/Boggess Elementary zones are also at a point that a relief elementary school is needed to absorb the growth. Currently relocatable classrooms are needed at Miller Elementary School for the 2004-05 school year. It is estimated that by 2005-06 these two schools combined will be 484 students over capacity. In 2006-07 this number will grow to 616 students.

Additions and Renovations

Jasper High School Addition - $3,500,000

Jasper High School has also reached capacity limits and will need four temporary classrooms for 2003-04. By the 2005-06 school year, another four additional classrooms will be needed at Jasper High School as the enrollment is expected to climb to 2,175 students. The functional capacity of Jasper High School is currently 1,758 students.

Early Childhood Modification - $1,500,000

As mentioned previously, the Barron Elementary School campus houses an Early Childhood Program that is now required by the State. Currently only half of the campus is designated for this program. To meet the needs of all qualifying students, additional space is needed that is now occupied by the K-1 program. By shifting the K-1 program to a new elementary school and modifying both the Harrington Elementary School and Barron Elementary School campuses, the District can accommodate this program without building another Early Childhood School.


$2,500,000 for Information Management Systems Software Development

The Plano ISD Database Review Committee with support from the Technology Steering Committee and based on input gathered as part of our focus group discussions during the 2003-2006 technology plan process, has recommended that the Plano ISD move forward in an accelerated mode with web-based database development.

Since 2001, systems have been developed for benefit enrollment, employee application, employee hiring, student course registration and e-payments, all with direct interfaces to our current suite of applications provided by NCS/Pearson. Future plans include the acceleration of this web-based development to provide for replacement and enhancement of all business processes currently provided by CIMS. Additionally, the development process will include auxiliary systems such as time and attendance accounting and substitute calling.

This accelerated development process is expected to complete major system enhancements by Fall 2005. The intent is to produce a set of tools specific to the state of Texas that other school districts will ultimately purchase as a return on our initial investment.

$3,550,000 for Technology and Other Equipment Replacement

In keeping with the Board of Trustee’s direction to fund our technology replacement program with bond funds, these dollars will allow the replacement of approximately 3,500 computers and related peripheral equipment.

School Buses - $1,500,000

In 2000, legislation was passed to allow districts to buy school buses through the issuance of bonds. This allows the District to capitalize a large expenditure and avoid paying an additional 30% of the cost to recapture. Currently the District has 14 buses over 16 years of age and the need for two additional Special Education buses. These buses would be bought over a two-year period.

Bond Summary

$ 6.05 M Technology
$21.00 M Two New Elementary Schools
$ 3.50 M Jasper High School Addition
$ 1.50 M Early Childhood Modification
$ 1.50 M School Buses

$33.55 M Total Bond Program