Plano ISD Trounces Trend of Teacher Shortages

September 2, 2016

Although the state of Texas may be experiencing a teacher shortage according to state data, Plano ISD is proud to report our hiring experience of qualified staff has been an overwhelmingly positive accomplishment.

Over 99% of our classrooms had teaching staff the first day of school. As is typical, we had a few late resignations which caused some vacancies. However, we had teachers or qualified substitutes in every classroom from day one. Our staffing success comes from our recruitment efforts through our Plano ISD job fairs in April and June, as well as recruitment efforts at universities within Texas and our geographic area.

Forman Elementary Teacher with Student

We hired approximately 510 new teachers this school year with experience levels ranging from new first-year teachers to teachers with 20 or more years of experience. Plano ISD offers teachers a competitive salary and benefits package and a supportive professional environment. We value our teachers.

“Talented teachers seek positions in Plano ISD because of our competitive salaries and benefits and the robust opportunities we provide for students” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian Binggeli. “The accomplishments, achievements and academic growth of our students are a specific reflection of our amazing teachers.”

Working together our district, schools and staff are a powerful force for education in Plano ISD.

Four Forman Elementary Teachers

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