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Joining with other partners in public education, the Plano ISD Board of Trustees commits support and priority toward pursuing legislative action for the sake of school children, employees and the greater Plano ISD community. This pledge of support was affirmed at the December 11 School Board Meeting with the passing of a legislative resolutionPDF by the board.

Plano ISD's priorities for the 2013 legislative session are published on this page below and in this presentation: Plano ISD Legislative Platform.PDF

More legislative advocacy resources were shared at the February 13 Key Communicators meeting. Visit the web page or watch the icon


End of Course Exams

  • It is requested that students should be required to take a total of four EXIT-STAAR exams in the four foundation areas to ascertain their post-secondary readiness.  
  • If a student demonstrated success in dual credit (passing grade) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses (grade 3 or higher on test), or IB exams he/she should be exempt from EOCs in the related core content area.
  • Permanently eliminate the requirement for a school district to count the EOC grade as 15% of the final grade.
  • Read more.PDF

Paths to Graduation

  • Redefine the default Recommended Graduation Plan to provide additional, rigorous high school course choices that recognize individual students’ natural talents, interests and abilities including career and college paths.
  • Read more.PDF


  • Oppose any voucher, taxpayer savings grant, scholarship, and/or back-door voucher legislation.
  • Read more. PDF

School Start Date

  • Modify Texas Education Code §25.0811 to allow local school districts to set their own school start and end dates.
  • Read more. PDF