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Teacher Mentor Program

The goal of the mentor program is to provide support and services for new teachers resulting in retention, quality instruction, and student achievement.

Mentor Program Participants

Campus Administrator - Our principals take a special interest in their new teachers. They set the tone of the campus mentoring program by creating a supportive, nurturing environment. They also strive to select the best possible mentor match for each new teacher.

Mentor Program Coordinator - The district mentor program is overseen by the Director of Professional Learning who works with the building mentor liaisons on all campuses. The director identifies and secures helpful resources for mentors and new teachers.

Mentor Liaison - The mentor liaison is an exemplary educator identified by the campus administrator, and he or she may work closely with the Director of Professional Leaning to support the mentors on each campus. The mentor liaison gathers information, serves as a mentor teacher, and works with the mentors and new teachers on the campus.

Mentor Teacher - An exemplary educator is selected by the campus administrator to work on a regular basis with one or more teachers new to the PISD. Their major role is to support and guide the new teacher throughout the first year.

New Teacher - Our new teachers work with the assigned mentor and complete a variety of helpful recommended mentor program activities. The campus administrator, mentor, and mentor liaison also help support the new teacher. The type of support and activities may vary based on the campus new teacher's needs and/or experience.

Mentor Program Support Aids

Mentor - Each new teacher is assigned a mentor to help support and guide him or her as they begin their career with the PISD.

Books - Campuses have purchased books that are helpful for new teachers. In addition, they are available for individual purchase through a local bookstore.  

Web sites - Web sites that are helpful to new teachers have been identified.  

Classes - Various professional development support sessions are offered throughout the year in the PISD.  

Individualized Help - Extra support may be requested through the mentor liaison, building administrator, or mentor program director. Individual requests are considered and a variety of support opportunities are made available.

Feedback - Input and feedback are sought annually from the new teachers, mentors, and mentor liaisons to improve the program for optimum success.