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About This Website

The Plano Independent School District Website provides myriad resources for parents, students, staff, relocating families and the greater community. This current website design launched on July 1, 2004, offering our patrons a fresh, modern design, improved navigation and easily accessible links to thousands of online resources.

"Technology is enabling school districts to become more and more accessible to parents and other members of the public," said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Doug Otto. "The Internet website is a powerful communications tool, enabling us to interact with the public and offer convenient and award-winning web-based applications and resources for our students, parents, staff and community."

District Website -

The district's main informational website, located at, is overseen by the Communications Department with support from the Technology Department. Staff members in each district department serve as District Web Editors, editing and uploading pages live to the district server using Macromedia Contribute software, thus providing timely and accurate information to the public. The district's Public Information Officer serves as District Webmaster. The Instructional Technology Department assists with training of District Web Editors and provides creative/technical support for the district website.

The district's technology and communications teams have collaborated since 1996 to design and maintain the district website and to train staff members across the district who contribute to the many individual pages on the site. Since its inception, the district website has undergone two redesigns, in 1998 and 2004, each time delivering improved navigation and expanded information and search features.

The website provides full Level 2 compliance with W3C Accessibility Guidelines.


Debby Hayward
Publications and Website Specialist
Communications Department
2700 W. 15th Street, Plano TX 75075
(469) 752-8030

Instructional Center -

Students, faculty, staff and parents have access to hundreds of instructional resources, applications, resource guides and tools on Plano ISD's Instructional Center, which is located on the school district's k-12 Internet server. The Instructional Center serves as the "home page" on networked computers for all teachers and instructional staff and students. The Center's vast resources and convenient user applications are overseen by the Instructional Technology Department which provides technical and educational support and training for the district's schools. For additional information about Plano ISD's Instructional Center, online instructional resources and applications, contact:


Harriet Bell
Assistant Director of Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology Department
2700 W. 15th Street, Plano TX 75075
(469) 752-8978


Technical Support Services & Information Management

For additional information about Plano ISD's technical support services and information management, contact the directors of these program areas in the Technology Department.

Web-based Administrative Applications

Contact information is also available on the home pages of most district web-based applications located throughout this website.


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