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The Open Records Section processes requests for public records made pursuant to the Texas Public Information Act.


  • Requests for STUDENT RECORDS by parents, students, guardians or their representatives must be made to the campus where the student last attended school. Please do not submit an Open Records request for student records.
  • Requests for GENERAL INFORMATION or GENERAL QUESTIONS not involving requests for records can be made to

Open Records Requests

As provided by the Texas Public Information Act, all open records requests must be made in writing.

How to Submit Request

  • By mail to:

    Robyn White
    Plano ISD - Open Records Section
    2700 W. 15th Street
    Plano, Texas 75075
  • In person at Plano ISD Administration Building at the above address

In responding to requests, the district is not required to:

  • Prepare or Create New Information
  • Prepare Answers  to Questions
  • Perform General or Legal Research

Charges and Fees

Plano ISD charges fees authorized by the Texas Public Information Act. If the fees will result in a charge exceeding $40.00, the district will provide the requestor with a written estimate detailing the charges that will be imposed. The following fees apply to Open Records requests:

  • $15.00 per hour labor charge for locating, compiling, reproducing, reviewing and redacting information (>50 pages)
  • $28.50 per hour labor charge for computer programming when needed
  • 20% overhead fee added to labor charges
  • 10 cents per page for letter-sized paper copies
  • 15 cents per page for legal-sized paper copies
  • $1.00 per CD
  • $3.00 per DVD
  • Postage

Timelines and Deadlines

As provided by the Texas Public Information Act, Plano ISD will provide the requested information promptly. Depending upon the complexity of the request and volume of other pending requests, this is typically 10 business days. If we are unable to complete your request within 10 business days, we will notify you of the date we expect to complete your request. If your request includes information that we believe is confidential or excepted from release, we will submit a request for an opinion to the Texas Attorney General to determine whether the requested information may be released or must be withheld.

Clarifying Requests

Please be as specific and detailed as possible in your request.  We may request that you clarify your request if it is unclear what information or records you are seeking. Please include the following information, if applicable:

  • Date range of the records or information being requested
  • Department or person you believe may possess the record
  • Location involved

Additional Helpful Information

  • Plano ISD is a governmental entity separate from the City of Plano