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Inclement Weather
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staff member on safety patrolInclement weather commonly occurs in the North Texas area. Volatile weather can exist any time of the year, and as such, contingencies must be made to deal with such events.

This information is provided by the Safety and Security Services Department and is intended to provide staff with a guideline for dealing with severe weather events.

Inclement weather that may exist in this area includes:

  • Tornados
  • Thunderstorms and high winds
  • Flash floods
  • Heavy snow or ice storms
  • Heat wave, ozone alert, and drought

Monitoring Weather

The department of Safety and Security Services will be responsible for monitoring weather conditions that impact the Plano area. Members of this department will monitor weather conditions via internet, radio, and television sources, and keep the Superintendent advised of any conditions that may impact school operations/student safety. The department of Safety and Security Services will also share information with other PISD departments to insure that the District is prepared to address any weather related event. Finally, the department of Safety and Security Services will communicate with the City of Plano to be aware of any weather event that may require activation of the Emergency Warning System and civil defense sirens.

All school campuses within the District are equipped with weather alert radios and have access to internet based weather resources sites. It is strongly recommended that each campus individually monitor weather conditions in their area, as well as news and alerts that may be introduced via internet, radio, or television. All PISD campuses have access to the Weatherbug computer program, which provides real-time weather conditions, alerts, and forecasts.

School Notification

In the event of impending severe weather that may impact school operations, the department of Safety and Security Services will notify schools and other District departments of the possibility of a weather event. Schools will be advised to monitor conditions and information outlets, and to monitor their PISD Security-issued emergency radio. In the event of a severe weather event, these radios will be used to communicate immediate information to the schools from central administration.

In the event of a severe weather event that impacts school operations, the Director of Safety and Security Services or his designee will communicate with the office of the Superintendent, office of Communications, department of Transportation, and any other District department, which might have a need for information.

The Director of Safety and Security Services or his designee will also communicate with principals, Associate Superintendent for District Services, and the Executive Directors of Secondary and Elementary Education to determine what, if any action should be taken on the campuses to address a severe weather event. These actions may include delaying or expediting the release of students. The decision to delay or expedite the release of students shall normally be approved by the Associate Superintendent for District Services or Director of Safety and Security Services.

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