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Bid Process - Submission & Requirements

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Competitive Bid Law

The Plano Independent School District, as well as all other school districts in the State of Texas, is governed by the state competitive bid law.  Therefore, the majority of our purchasing is done via competitive bids.  The purpose and intent for the competitive bidding process is to help public schools obtain the best products at the lowest practical prices in the best interest of the taxpayers by stimulating competition.  The Plano ISD is committed to fair and equal competition among all vendors.  In addition, the state competitive bid law does not allow favoritism to be shown to any vendor.

Vendor/Supplier Registration

We request that all prospective vendors register on our e-bid site so that they may be notified of upcoming bids and may submit bids in their respective fields.   When a need exists for your product or service, your company will automatically receive an e-mail advising that a bid is now available in your area of interest.  The Plano Independent School District encourages participation by all vendors and does not discriminate against any vendor because of race, color, national origin, age, religion, gender or handicapping condition.

Vendor Disclosure of Certain Relationships/Conflicts of Interest

Effective January 1, 2006, a person or entity who contracts or seeks to contract with Plano ISD for the sale or purchase of property, goods or services (as well as agents of such person) are required to file a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (Form CIQ) with the Purchasing Department.  Each covered person or entity who seeks to, or who contracts with, Plano ISD is responsible for complying with any applicable disclosure requirements.

Local Government Code Chapter 176.006

Local Government Conflict of Interest Form CIQ

Vendor/Supplier Responsibility

It will be the sole responsibility of each vendor/supplier to maintain, and keep current, their company's information on our e-bidding website.  In the event of a contact person name change, address, phone, etc., it will be necessary for the vendor/supplier to edit their company information on the e-bid site.  Passwords can be reset by the Plano ISD Purchasing Department, by contacting Dale Kerr (469-752-0286).  It is understood that all bid notifications will be sent to the e-mail address supplied by the vendor; therefore, in the event of an e-mail address change or ISP change, it is imperative that the vendor information be kept current.  Otherwise, bid notifications will never be received by vendor and the opportunity for bid submittal will be lost.

Tax Exemption

The Plano Independent School District is tax exempt on the basis that it is a governmental entity -- school district.  A tax exemption certificate is printed on the back of all purchase orders that are issued.

Bid Process

How to Submit Official Competitive Bids

Each invitation to bid will be posted on our e-bidding site and vendors/suppliers can submit their bids online by completing a series of screens.  All invitations to bid that are posted on our e-bidding site, contain the following:

  1. Date, time and place bid is to be opened.  It is  absolutely mandatory that all bids be delivered in  accordance with those instructions.  Bids that are  received late are not accepted.  
  2. General requirements and conditions. 
  3. Detailed specifications.  Many times, brand names  and model numbers are utilized in the bid  specifications as a way of communicating minimal  requirements of the district.  This in no way prevents  a  company from bidding alternates, if specified in bid specs; however, all  deviations must be stated in the bid document or the  bidder will be required to supply the item completely as  specified.  All alternates must meet or exceed the  specifications in order to be considered. 
  4. Pre-bid meetings.  For many bids, pre-bid  meetings are a part of the process.  This information is  included in the bid spec.  These  meetings are an opportunity for bidders and PISD staff  to meet, discuss the bid specifications and ask all  questions that are necessary to enable the bidders to  prepare their bid response.

All questions pertaining to bid specs must be presented in writing to the Purchasing Department to insure that proper information is included in your bid response and also to insure that all vendors receive the same information.  Purchasing is not responsible for information that is provided by other departments.

Bid Advertisements

By state law, notice of the time, when and place where bids will be opened are published in a newspaper in accordance with state bid law requirements.  Plano ISD has chosen the Plano Star Courier as their primary newspaper publication.  Any company or individual who sees our advertisements and is interested in reviewing the bid specs for possible bid submittal, may log into our e-bidding site to review same.

Bid Opening Procedures

All bids are opened promptly on the date and at the time stated in the bid specs.  All interested vendors are invited to attend.  All bid openings are public and bids are read aloud and a tabulation of all bids are made at this time.  Bid tabulations are made available on the Purchasing website.  Once bids are opened, no changes can be made.  If a vendor realizes a mistake has been made, they are afforded two options: 

  1. Honor their bid as written; or
  2. Withdraw their bid on the item(s) in question or the entire bid.

Bid Evaluation

It is the intent of the school district and the Plano ISD Purchasing Department to obtain the best quality materials at the lowest prices possible.  Per Section 44.039 (g) of the Education Code, "In determining best value for the District, the District is not restricted to considering price alone, but may consider any other factor stated in the selection criteria."

Bid Award Notification

The Plano ISD Purchasing Department will issue all official bid award notifications.  Award notifications from any other department or staff member of the district may be incorrect information.

Invoices & Payment Terms

By law the school district has 30 days after receipt of an invoice to present payment.  It is the intent of the school district to pay all invoices as promptly as possible; however, by acceptance of a Plano ISD purchase order you have agreed to the 30 day payment policy.  All invoices are submitted to the Plano ISD Accounts Payable Department.


Bonding and Insurance Requirements for Contracted Services

All vendors submitting proposals for contracted service work shall comply with the following requirements.  Vendors submitting proposals which do not comply with these requirements shall not be considered.

Bonding Requirements If Construction Is Involved

Bids shall be accompanied by a cashier's check or certified check upon a state bank in the amount not less than five per cent (5%) of the total maximum bid price payable without recourse to the Plano ISD or a bid bond in the same amount from a reliable surety company licensed to do business in the State of Texas  as a guarantee that the bidder will enter into a contract and execute a payment and performance bond on any or all projects $25,000 or above within fifteen (15) days after notice of award of the contract to him.

Insurance Requirements

All vendors who perform contracted services for Plano ISD are required to supply proof of insurance in accordance with the following schedule prior to the start of the project.  PISD requires that contractor's insurance be placed only with companies that have achieved at least an "A" rating with A. M. Best.  The District reserves the right to require higher limits of coverage depending on the size, scope, and nature of a contract.  Plano ISD must be named as an additional insured.

Types of Coverage

Limits of Liability
1. Workers' Compensation Statutory
2. Employer's Liability $500,000 Each Accident
$500,000 Disease Policy Limit
$500,000 Disease Each Employee
3. Commercial General Liability $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit   Policy Aggregate
$500,000 Combined Single Limit Each Occurrence
( Property damage deductible not to exceed $500 per occurrence )
4. Business Auto Liability $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit Each Occurrence
( Hired/non owned coverage must also be provided )

The immunity of the owner shall not be a defense from the insurance carrier.  The selected vendor will be required to supply an insurance certificate naming Plano ISD as an additional insured prior to the start of the project. All successful bidders will be required to submit a Certificate of Insurance after award.