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Volunteers and Mentors are an important part of Plano ISD's educational team. It takes an exceptional person to give his or her time and energy to help make our school district stronger.  We value and appreciate your commitment to Plano ISD.


Benefits of Volunteering

School volunteers and mentors provide assistance to students, help staff better meet the needs of students and develop closer ties between schools and community.

Benefits for the Students

  • Enriched learning experiences
  • Opportunities for exploration
  • Additional individualized and personalized attention
  • Learning reinforcement
  • Increased motivation and improved self-concept
  • Positive adult role models

Benefits for the School

  • Additional services without extra cost
  • Released teacher time to provide additional instructional time
  • Improved student achievement, attitude and behavior
  • Community support
  • Parent understanding and cooperation
  • Positive public relations and community attitude toward the educational system

Benefits for the Community

  • Better quality education
  • More responsive school system
  • Added pride and confidence in educational system
  • Better educated students

Benefits for the Volunteer

  • Assisting students to achieve
  • Sharing knowledge and talents
  • Knowing that you are needed and valued
  • Becoming more involved in the school and community
  • Providing active support for quality education

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer or mentor in Plano schools, please complete the district's online Volunteer Application website on but not before July 1 of each school year. Once the background check is completed and the application is approved, contact the campus. The coordinator will be notified of your availablility and the volunteer assignment is made.

For answers to any technology-related questions about the online volunteer application process, please call the Help Desk at 469-752-8767 or e-mail

For questions about the background check process, contact the security department at 469-752-8057.

For general questions about the volunteer application process or your application status, please contact the campus where you plan to volunteer. Find contact information in our Directory of Schools.

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