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Student and Family Services -
Supporting Students, Strengthening Families

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Transportation Services

Student and Family Services

The Executive Director of Student and Family Services Department oversees all Student and Family Services programs.   These programs address the academic and social needs of students through campus-based initiatives.   The goal of the Student and Family Services Department is to see every student successful at their home campus and in the community.

The divisions in Student and Family Services include:

  • Guidance & Family Education Services
  • Student Services
  • Campus Support Services
  • eSchool and Special Projects
  • Family & Social Services

2700 W. 15th Street, Plano, TX 75075
(469) 752-8110
Fax (469) 752-8034

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Executive Director Mark Allen (469) 752-8134
Administrative Assistant Jacqueline Henderson (469) 752-8110

Guidance and Family Education Services

The assistant executive director of Guidance and Family Education Services oversees counseling and guidance, Family Education and Guidance Services, and Plano Family Literacy Program..

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Assistant Executive Director of Guidance and Family Education Services Paul Weaver (469) 752-8012
Director of Guidance and Family Education Services Jana Hancock 469-752-8012
Office Manager Kim Loftus (469) 752-8028
Counseling and Guidance

The purpose of a school guidance program is to promote and to enhance the learning process.  School counselors will work closely with administrators, teachers, parents, and the community to support the Plano ISD mission and accomplish goals with focus on three strands of guidance:  Academic success, college/career information, and personal/social development. Please contact the school counselor with any questions regarding the counseling program at your school.

2700 W. 15th Street, Plano, TX 75075
(469) 752-8028
Fax (469) 752-8034

Family Education and Guidance ServicesOpens new window

Family Education Services offers a unique blend of services for students, families and campuses.  The menu includes parent education classes, family literacy, social services, adult education including – GED (English and Spanish), ESL, financial instruction, court compliance programs – For Kids' Sake, Truancy Prevention Boot Camp, and Back to Basics.

Family Education and Guidance Services is located in the Allan K and Carolyn H Bird Education Center.

1300 19th Street , Plano, TX 75074
(469) 752-2272

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Coordinator DeLynn Brennan (469) 752-2275
Office Manager Rina Nittolo (469) 752-2272
Plano Family Literacy Program Opens new window

Plano Family Literacy is an all-inclusive full family educational program.  It is developed to assist at risk families in a focused intensive program.  The program addresses adult education, early childhood education, parent education, interactive literacy activities and home visits for each family. 

The program is located at the Allan Bird Education Center, 1300 19th Street, Plano 75074.

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Coordinator Cindy Daniels (469) 752-2253
Office Manager Marla Robison (469) 752-2252

Student Services

The Student Services department is comprised of Discipline Management, Elementary Summer School, Homeless Liaison, and Summer Meals.

Discipline Management

The Discipline Management Program was created for the Plano Independent School District in an attempt to better understand students and the problems they face in today's world.  The focal point of the program is the students' awareness that a school and parent partnership is formed to address student needs and problems.  The root cause of unacceptable behavior must be dealt with through the program if a change is to be brought about.  Hopefully, when the cause is determined, a positive  plan can be drawn for students to bring about change in the way they relate to others.

Elementary Summer School

Students in the summer program are given opportunities to study curriculum that reinforces and/or enriches skills and knowledge learned druing the regular school year.  Two types of curricula are offered: the regular program and the enrichment program.  Additionally, classes provide students with an environment that is both stimulating and encouraging.

Homeless Liaison

Services provided to homeless families include free school meals, immediate enrollment in school, as needed transportation to campuses, laptop and printer, DART passes to attend school, gas cards, school supplies, and tutoring.

We connect families with local resources in our areas:  Food pantries, shelters, churches and faith-based organizations that provide assistance to families, Assistance Center of Collin County, and 211 services.

Summer Meals

This is a community partnership with the US Department of Agriculture and program sponsors.  The program serves 33 campuses and in 2013-2014 31,059 individual meals were provided.

2700 W. 15th Street, Plano, TX 75075
(469) 752-8011
Fax (469) 752-8175

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Coordinator James Thomas (469) 752-8106
Secretary Bessie Ortiz (469) 752-8011


Student Services Department: Special Programs Centers

The Special Programs Center staff is committed to the idea that student competence can be built or re-built through an approach that combines individual attention, academc success, behavior adjustment, and networking of school and community resources. Coordinated through the Student Services Department, the Center seeks to work with parents, school personnel, and community resources as needed in every aspect of serving the District's at-risk youth.

Allan & Carolyn Bird Special Programs Center K-8

1300 19th , Plano, TX 75074                                     
(469) 752-2200
Fax (469) 752-2201

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Principal, Grades K-8 Laura Childress 469-752-2210
Office Manager Donna Holstrom 469-752-2203
Larry Guinn Special Programs Center 9-12

2221 Legacy , Plano, TX 75023
(469) 752-6900
Fax (469) 752-6901

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Principal, Grades 9-12 Sharon Bradley 469-752-6910
Office Manager Donna Holstrom 469-752-6903

Campus Support Services

The director for Campus Support Services oversees the operations of Student Administrative Services, PASAR, Employee Child Care Centers, and the Adult Education Mobile Computer Lab.

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Director of Campus Support Services Robin Garcia (469) 752-3780
Office Manager Debra Klempel (469) 752-3791
Student Administrative Services (including Foreign Exchange Students)

The student administrative services department assists families with guardianship issues, independent student declaration, intra-district transfers, inter-district transfers, and foreign exchange students.

5804 Coit Road #102, Plano, TX 75023
(469) 752-3793
Fax (469) 752-3892

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Manager Gina Beville (469) 752-3795
Secretary Diana Mejia (469) 752-3794
Receptionist Valerie Helm (469) 752-3793

PASAR is an after-school care program sponsored by Plano Independent School District. This is a fee-based program and no district or taxpayer monies are used to support this program. See the website at

5804 Coit Road #102, Plano, TX 75023
(469) 752-3782
Fax (469) 752-3781

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Zone Leader Tammy Nash (469) 752-3785
Zone Leader Kathy Berger (469) 752-3784
Zone Leader David Vasquez (469) 752-3787
Zone Leader Rosa Handy (469) 752-3786
Employee Child Care

The Plano ISD Employee Child care was created to provide a service for our teachers. The exceptional centers have proven to be a valuable tool in the retention and recruitment of the very best teachers in north Texas.  We currently have two employee child care centers.  The Employee Child care serves children from 6 weeks of age to kindergarten age.  The Child Care Centers are licensed through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.  The mission of the Plano ISD Child Care Center is to provide a fun, nurturing and safe learning environment committed to preparing lifelong learners. 

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Coordinator Stacie Kaeuper 469-752-4383
Site Manager Devyn Gober 469-752-6170
Office Manager Monica Pilcher 469-752-6163
Receptionist   469-752-4382  
Adult Education Mobile Computer Lab

The  mobile classroom offers parents the opportunity to utilize Parent Portal and other district online services.  Campus staff accompanies the bus into neighborhoods to establish relationships with parents.  Currently serving Armstrong, Barron, Bowman, Carpenter, Christie, Clark, Dooley, Forman, Haggar, Head Start, Hendrick, Hickey, Huffman, Isaacs, Jackson, McCall, McMillen, Meadows, Memorial, Mendenhall, Mitchell, Otto, Pearson, Plano East, Rasor, Sigler, Thomas, Weatherford, Williams, and Wilson.

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Community Outreach Specialist Clarissa Carter (469) 752-3796

eSchool and Special Projects Opens new window

The Plano ISD eSchool will enable students to take high school courses online, on their own time, wherever access is available to the Internet and a computer.  Students will have the opportunity to interact with a group of recognized, experienced and well-trained teachers as they work through the curriculum independently.

3540 E, 14th , Plano, TX 75074
(469) 752-8894
Fax (469) 752-8885

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Assistant Director Matthew Sipes (469) 752-8891
Technology Specialist   (469) 752-8890  
Office Manager Howard Hill (469) 752-8738
Secretary Emily Rosillo (469) 752-8894

Family & Social Services

Cox Building
1517 Avenue H, Plano, TX 75074
(469) 752-5797

The Family & Social Services team includes Substance Abuse Prevention Specialists, Section 504 (Elementary and Secondary), Communities-In-Schools, At-risk Specialist, School Age Parent Program, Summer School and Nigh School, JJAEP, Adult GED, Serenity High, and Truancy Attendance Officers.

Section 504

No qualified student with a disability shall, on the basis of disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any District service, program or activity. 42 U.S.C. 12132: U.S.C. 794: 34 CFR 104.4 (a). Each Plano ISD campus has a CARE/CAT/504 coordinator who has been designated by the principal as facilitator for that campus.  In order to access a campus coordinator, contact the school principal.

1517 Ave. H, Plano, TX 75074
(469) 752-5795
Fax (469) 752-6198

Position Name Telephone E-mail

Director of Family and Social Services/District 504 Coordinator

Gary Wilson (469) 752-5795
Office Manager Denise Hammersla (469) 752-5797
Section 504 Elementary Kay Glawe (469) 752-6399
Section 504 Secondary Mike Landingham (469) 752-8231
Sustance Abuse Specialists

Plano ISD's Substance Abuse Prevention Specialists provide student support and guidance in make healthy decisions to be successful in all aspects of their lives.  Drug and alcohol eucation and prevention programs are also conducted on individual campuses.

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Coordinator Family and Social Services Kay Glawe (469) 752-6399
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Plano East and Feeder Schools Greg Thomas (469) 752-9226
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Plano Senior High and Feeder Schools Dawne Niethamer (469) 752-9448
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Plano West and Feeder Schools Carrie Stevens (469) 752-9726
Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Clark/Jasper Sharon Kinnard (469) 752-7533
Summer School

Students in the summer program are given opportnities to study curriculum that reinforces and/or enriches skills and knowledge learned during the regular school year.  Two types of curricula are offered: reinforcement of the regular program and enrichment programs.  Classes are designed to provide students with an environment that is both stimulating and encouraging.

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Coordinator Mike Landingham (469) 752-8231
Office Manager Elizabeth Wiliamson (469) 752-8017
Night School

The Plano ISD Night School program for grades 9-12 is designed to provide high school students with opportunities to master the essential elements of incomplete/failed courses.  For students, night school provides an upbeat, challenging program.  For teachers, night school offers an opportunity to develop and implement innovative strategies which stimulate learning.  The staff has high standards for achievement and citizenship for every student.  Excellence is expected and rewarded.  Instruction is focused to meet the needs of various styles and abilities.

2700 W. 15th Street, Plano, TX 75075
(469) 752-8173
Fax (469) 752-8175

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Coordinator Mike Landingham (469) 752-8231
Office Manager Elizabeth Willamson (469) 752-8017
GED - Adult

The purpose of the Plano ISD Adult Education program is to provide adults with reading, writing, speaking, mathematical skills, and general knowledge acquisition through the eighth grade level of competency or an accepted minimum performance level.  Adults are also prepared for successful results on the General Education Development (GED) test.  In addition, the program prepares and assists adults to complete high school credit programs, assists adults to meet specific educational objectives below the college credit level, and provides educational prerequisites to vocational training or post secondary education.

2700 W. 15th Street, Plano, TX 75075
(469) 752-8231
Fax (469) 752-8011

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Coordinator Mike Landingham (469) 752-8231
At-Risk Specialist

The At-Risk specialist assists campus staff with students who are at-risk.  The goal is to help student develop self-managmeent sills, increased levels of self-esteem, and improved relationships with their peers and family.

Cox Building
1517 Avenue H, Plano, TX 75074
(469) 752-5797

Position Name Telephone E-mail
At-Risk Specialist Lawrence Mann (469) 752-5798
School Age Parent Program

The school age parent program addresses the challenges faced as families deal with teen pregnancy.  Educational support is provided for students as they deal with the transition from pregnancy, to birth, and beyond.

Bird Education Center
1300 19th St., Plano, TX 75074
(469) 752-2293

Position Name Telephone E-mail
School Age Parent Program Wanda Pietersz (469) 752-2293
  Sonya Berger (469) 752-2292

This link contains pertinent information concerning the school age parent program.


The truancy prevention program helps parents and students learn and understand more about truancy and the impact it has on student education.  The Plano Independent School District is committed to assisting all of our students in reaching their educational potential and becoming productive citizens.  Plano ISD believes that we, parents, and students must work together to insure students attend school every day.

1517 Ave. H, Plano, TX 75074
(469) 752-5797
Fax (469) 752-6190

Position Name Telephone E-mail
Attendance Officer Ann Jackson (469) 752-5796
Attendance Officer Sonya Berger (469) 752-6398