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Business Services Department

Service Departments
Academic Services
Business Services
Campus Services
Distribution and Copy Services
District Services
Food and Nutritional Services
Human Resources
Internal Audit
Records Management
and Security
Student and Family Services


Transportation Services


Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer manages and oversees the operation of the Business Services Department which includes Financial Services, Purchasing Services, Facility Services, and Facility Planning and Construction. Any issues that cannot be resolved by senior management within these departments will flow to the Chief Financial Officer.

2700 West 15th Street, Plano, Texas 75075
(469) 752-8113
Fax (469) 752-8152


Position Name Phone E-mail
Chief Financial Officer Steve Fortenberry (469) 752-8113
Administrative Assistant Mary Ann Lewis (469) 752-8113

Financial Services

The Finance Department provides all financial services for the District.   Specific financial areas include Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounting, Budget, Construction, Grants, Travel, and PASAR. Hotline numbers are listed for TEAMS Finance, PASAR Finance, and Payroll.

Support and training are offered to all Office Managers and other District Personnel using the TEAMS Finance menu.

2700 W. 15th Street, Plano, TX 75075
(469) 752-8228
Fax (469) 752-8033

Position Name Phone E-mail
Executive Director Linda Madon (469) 752-8118
Office Manager Linda Davis

(469) 752-8228
Director, Construction,   Special Revenue

Kathy Waskow

(469) 752-8047 


Position Name Phone E-mail
Accounting/   Budget Director Christie Tate (469) 752-8115
Budget Analyst Sheri Kleckner (469) 752-8204
Accountant Angela Marks Cosby (469) 752-8013 
Accountant Sally Wientjes (469) 752-8285
Bookkeeper Anna Allman (469) 752-8206
Bookkeeper Rita Hughes (469) 752-8202

Finance Compliance/Systems/Travel

Position Name Phone E-mail
Finance Compliance Officer Veronica Couzynse (469) 752-8203
Systems Technician Shawna Neill

(469) 752-8046
Travel Specialist

Brenda Lagerlef

(469) 752-8052                                                   

PASAR Finance

5804 Coit Road, Suite 102, Plano, TX 75023
Hotline: 469-752-8915  Information Line:  469-752-8908
Fax (469) 752-3881

Position Name Phone E-mail
Supervisor for PASAR Finance Karen Standlee (469) 752-3882
PASAR Analyst Becky Woodard
(469) 752-3883
Finance Zone Specialist           (A - G)

Judy Humphrey

(469) 752-3885
Finance Zone  Specialist          (H - O) Cindy Klapper (469) 752-3889 Cindy.

Finance Zone Specialist         (P - Z)         

Debi Page (469) 752-3890
Hotline & email   (469) 752-8915

Accounts Payable

Position Name Phone E-mail
Manager Dede Day (469) 752-8129
Specialist -    Vendors  (#s, A-C) Lennie Scales (469) 752-8130

Specialist -   Vendors  (D-L) Ann Petrowski (469) 752-8132
Specialist -    Vendors (M-R)  Cindy Emens (469) 752-8131
Lead Specialist - Vendors                      (S-Z) + Labatt Loren Allen (469) 752-8041


Position Name Phone E-mail
Payroll Coordinator Kathy Nichols (469) 752-8108
Lead Specialist Kathy Miller (469) 752-8097
Specialist Mary Maddux-Hauck (469) 752-8127
Specialist Tifany Phelps (469) 752-8276
Specialist Consondra McCoy (469) 752-8126
Hotline   (469) 752-8128  


Purchasing Services

Purchasing Services is responsible for the procurement of the supplies, materials, equipment, and services that are necessary for the operation of the District's 72 schools and administrative departments.

6600 Alma Dr., Suite A, Plano, TX 75023
(469) 752-0280
Fax (469) 752-0281

Position Name Phone E-mail
Director Raymond Weaver (469) 752-0285
Purchasing Coordinator John Orr (469) 752-0290
Purchasing Technician Dale Kerr (469) 752-0286
Buyer Rick Moore (469) 752-0287
Buyer Christine Davis (469) 752-0289
Buyer Janis Hodges (469) 752-0284
Buyer Kasey Stephens (469) 752-0296
PO Specialist Normanda Gibson (469) 752 0283
PO Specialist Maria Berry (469) 752-0291
Receptionist Bobbi Kennedy (469) 752-0282


Facility Services

The Facility Services Department is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all district buildings and grounds. Work orders are submitted electronically from the campus/department to Facility Services. The work orders are approved, and assigned to a technician in a specific trade on a daily basis. Emergency work orders can be processed immediately by contacting the appropriate cluster secretary.

6600 Alma Dr., Plano, TX 75023
(469) 752-0180
Fax (469) 752-0181

Position Name Phone E-mail
Executive Director of Facility Services Juan Ramos (469) 752-0195
Assistant Director of Facility Services Tony Pearson (469) 752-1484
Administrative Assistant Rhonda Gibson (469) 752-1598

Central Cluster

Position Name Phone E-mail
Central Cluster Manager Jason Wink (469) 752-0188
Central Cluster  Secretary Barbara Zapata (469) 752-0189

East Cluster

Position Name Phone E-mail
East Cluster Manager Jose Alvarez (469) 752-0191
East Cluster Secretary Angelica Arroyos (469) 752-0187

West Cluster

Position Name Phone E-mail
West Cluster Manager Bill Couzynse (469) 752-0184
West Cluster Secretary Brittney Martinez (469) 752-0185


Position Name Phone E-mail
Operations/   Energy Manager Michelle Hahn (469) 752-1590

Energy Specialist Amy Brown (469) 752-1498
Energy/     Facility Rental Specialist Shyra Taylor (469) 752-0196

Warehouse/Pest Control

Position Name Phone E-mail
Warehouse Manager Marcos Rodriguez Trejo (469) 752-1491
Integrated Pest (IP) Manager Manuel Rodriguez (469) 752-1597

Facility Planning and Construction

The Facility Planning and Construction Department is responsible for planning and implementing the facility portions of the Bond Program. This department manages and schedules the work in the Bond Program and serves as the liaison between the District and the Architects, Engineers, and Contractors for all new construction and renovation projects.

6600 Alma Dr., Suite E, Plano, TX 75023
(469) 752-1480
Fax (469) 752-1481

Position Name Phone E-mail
Construction Manager Johnny     Pechacek (469) 752-0186
Construction Administrator (vacant) (469) 752-1487  
Construction Administrator Quincy Lara (469) 752-1480
Construction Administrator II Robert Dean (469) 752-1488