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2012 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

I am proud to present to you this 2012 Annual Report as a reflection of the "Boldly Brilliant" achievements of Plano ISD this past year. I am also pleased to share dynamic new initiatives and opportunities for the coming school year.

The theme "Boldly Brilliant" was chosen for the 2012-13 school year to reflect the brilliant successes of our students that could fill several volumes of a report this size. Our achievements secure Plano ISD's 100+-year history as a pillar school system in Texas and across the nation. The theme also reflects the bold initiatives that our district has taken to provide more choices for our students.

The launch of the Academy Programs of Plano will occur in fall 2013. The Plano ISD Academy High School will incorporate problem-based learning in a science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) context as the instructional method. The Plano ISD Health Sciences Academy will provide a medical course sequence followed by elective course options to prepare students for this important career field. The International Baccalaureate World School at Plano East is an academically challenging and balanced program of education which prepares students for success in the post-secondary world of college and beyond.

While a big focus in the coming year will be expanding student academic choices, our attention in January, 2013, will turn to the 83rd Texas Legislative session where we will reinforce our continued advocacy on behalf of school children. Plano ISD joins with other North Texas school districts in asserting that the state's first priority must be to adequately fund our public schools. The state's $5 billion reduction in public education funding decreased our district's state revenue by $24 million in 2011 and by an additional $10 million in 2012. Yet, with creativity and industrious planning, Plano ISD remains well positioned to offer an outstanding educational program.

This also marks the second year of the state's new STAAR testing program. We are encouraged by last year's results. Our students fared much better than the state average on end-of-course exams. With time to evaluate last year's results, we celebrate our strengths and target our support in needed areas as we continue to enhance student learning across the district.

Among the initiatives for which we continue to take great pride are ongoing technology enhancements that connect our schools, parents and students. This is the third year that students can bring their handheld devices into the classroom. And, for many years, our district has offered technology tools that enable parents to stay engaged with their students through the Parent Portal, connecting them to student progress, curriculum and resources and through eNews, the district's electronic news and information system. This year, we added a text messaging system for emergency parent notifications.

Thanks to the amazing leadership and support of the school board, district administrators, teachers and parents, as a first-year superintendent, I have been well-resourced and prepared to face the challenges associated with running our large school district.

On behalf of the Plano ISD Board of Trustees and our nearly 7,000 faculty and staff members, I thank you for taking the time to read this annual report, to become more informed about your schools and to help us share the successes and challenges of our school system with your friends and neighbors.


Richard Matkin

Richard Matkin
Superintendent of Schools



Boldly Brilliant Report Cover

"Boldly Brilliant"

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